Friends & Photos!

More than a simple currency

FaceCoin uses peer to peer networking and the blockchain to help your friends connect and share.

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No central authority, a network of nodes with zero-knowledge keeps you safe from malicious activity and attempts at stealing your information.


Make connections with friends and meet new people through social networking, powered by new breakthroughs in blockchain technology using distributed computing.


The goal of FaceCoin is to allow users to communicate in a completely secure fashion thanks to strong cryptography, without giving up privacy to a central authority.

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No Software Required

FaceCoin will work through a standard web browser.

Fast & Secure Social Network

Distributed system is fast and cryptographically secure.

Nodes Earn Stakes

Optionally run a node and earn stakes for your bandwidth.

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White Paper

White Paper

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The Team

Take a closer look into our team.

Richard Roman

Project Lead

Rick is a strong believer in crypto, and has spent the better part of a decade creating distributed cloud-based apps.

Kenneth Withrow

Full-stack Developer

A weekend tech spelunker who has been a full time developer since 1998. Expert in Erlang, but isn't ashamed of doing any web dev.

Eric Botelho

Solidity Wizard

Knows his way around the Ethereum virtual machine. If it can be expressed in a smart contract he has probably done it already.

Manuel Fowler

Blockchain Expert

Previously worked on bringing crypto based solutions to consumers and merchants in Africa, coded his own bitcoin implementation in Haskell.

Gregg Gibson


Spends most of his time talking with community members and hiring. Has worked in the financial, healthcare, and public sectors.