Peer to Peer Network

Utilizes Kademlia peer to peer technology coupled with the Ethereum blockchain working together for the best balance of security and performance. We have extended the protocols to allow NAT traversal and swarming of encrypted IPFS shards. A new routing algorithm was developed that allows users to access the network through a standard web browser with no additional software to install.

Familiar Interface

Users will be right at home when they access the social network site. There is no learning curve and we have implemented many of the features needed already. A select few have been given beta access and have reported excitement about what we got right so far and where it's going.

Easily upload images and submit posts and updates. We are hard at work on developing more technologies such as realtime chat within the site, with secure end-to-end encryption.


Your information is completely safe thanks to state of the art crytography algorithms and zero knowledge proof. You are in control of your data, with access given only to those who you add to your keyring. No longer will you have to worry about someone spying on your web data for nefarious purposes.