The Token


The token used in the FaceCoin network is called FC. If you are new to cryptocurrencies it might make sense to think of FC as a dollar that powers the network.

Fiat currency is divisible by two decimal places, and FC is similar, being divisible down to two decimal places as well. This makes it easy to correlate to money that everyone is already familiar with and help mass adoption of the FC token by users of the network.

Incentive to Use FC

Businesses and other users can purchase FC tokens to create pages on the network and for advertising. Advertisers have to pay to get their ads across, and the payment will be going to anyone running a node, so we are letting the community directly benefit.

We envision advertising to be a large part of the usage of FC tokens, but we have ideas to expand what can be bought with them in the future. The possibilies are limitless.

Token Specifications

The initial supply of the tokens will be only 20,000,000. This means anyone taking part in the ICO will have the highest value tokens.

ICO Maximum: 20M FC

When the network grows and the value of FC increases, FC can be split into smaller denominations to allow finer granularity.